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Roots contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.

Eliminates dead skin.

Improves blood circulation and skin complexion.

Instills an anti-aging effect.

K-beauty classic ingredient.




Ginseng is a human-shaped plant whose roots are considered one of the best in the world in terms of quality and efficacy.  Korean ginseng is called Goryeo ginseng or Joseon ginseng.

Korean ginseng appeared in the literature 1,500 years ago. Korean ginseng was first introduced to the West by a Dutch merchant in 1610.  In particular, as the outstanding effects of ginseng became known, Western people began to recognize Korea as a "magic country with ginseng."  According to the records of Joseon published in 1902 by the Belgian Goethe, Korean ginseng was gifted to the King Louis XIV of France as a rare specialty.  The renowned author ‘Jean-Jacques Russo’ loved Goryeo ginseng so much in his lifetime that he wrote about it in his autobiography. In 1996, the journal Raymond made headlines when it was found that the former French President Mitterrand was able to live seven months longer than his three-month life expectancy after cancer diagnosis due to the Goryeo ginseng.

The powerful healing properties of Korean ginseng have world fame.  Korean ginseng contains large quantities of ginsenocide, which is excellent for rejuvenating and relieving stress. It prevents arteriosclerosis, and reduces blood pressure and blood sugar.  It prevents aging, restores sexual function, and heals skin diseases such as acne and breakouts. The world's medical community is continually amazed at ginseng’s efficacy for healing and soothing.

Ginseng Berry

Hyper skin immunity with vitality properties such as rich antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and enhanced skin barrier protection. Contains 10 times more ginsenocide than red ginseng.

Red Ginseng

Supports strong skin immunity and vitality with properties similar to ginseng berry.