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Cultivated ingredients for acne-prone and sensitive skin

The name is a combination of “pure” meaning purity and “forêt”, which is French for forest. The F is designed to look like a tree in a green forest.  PUREFORET is a hypo-allergenic cosmetic made with precious plant-based ingredients obtained from natural environments.


the number of days spent researching before Pureforet was launched


the number of trial recipes tested before the final product line of Pureforet was released


Pureforet loves animals.

Pureforet does NOT test on any animals.


Natural Ingredients

Cultivated Ingredients

Pureforet is based on the concept of “Cultivated Ingredients”, or ingredients from nature that are optimized for creating healthy and lively skin.  Pureforet strives to fulfill the promise of bringing back your skin of youth, filled with all the fun and joy without any of the worries.  The ingredients are especially cultivated for those who have trouble with sensitive or acne-prone skin.


No Toxins

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Pureforet products are free from 26 known allergens, 26 common harmful chemicals in cosmetics, and no synthetic surfactants.  They use only ingredients designated by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and have been evaluated through extensive scientific testing and research.

Pureforet essential oils have been designated as A++ therapy-grade organic essential oils for aromatherapy masters and recognized in the acclaimed publication Aromatheraphy Master and by multitudes of international aromatherapists.


Safely made

Dermatology Tested

The natural cosmetics used by Pureforet are developed and tested at their own Dermatology R&D Center.  They have developed essential skin care cosmetics using only the most fundamental and eco-friendly substances. For over 12 years, they have isolated the prime components of natural ingredients that are the most effective in healing acne, especially those with sensitive skin.

How to extract natural ingredients?

Cleaning of Raw Ingredients



Vacuum Extraction






Primary Filtration


Secondary Filtration


Tertiary Filtration


Final Sterilization

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Fully tested

Certified by Official Government Organizations

Registered with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) in the EU.

Essential oils certified by the ECO CERT ( Organic Certification Organization).  Founded in France in 1991, this organization conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.

Essential oils certified by UK’s Soil Association, UK’s largest organic certification body.


Highly Rated by Professional Users

"Gradually reduced redness on the cheeks"

The Pureforet Heroes experience team, consisting of 50 men & women, certifies Pureforet products for 28 days after a professional consultation.

“noticeable improvement with their skin problems (acne and sensitivity)”


“smoother/softer skin”


“gradually reduced redness on the cheeks”


“reduced (facial) tightness from dry skin”


Centella Multi Skin Care

Product line 01

Centella Asiatica(Cica) is also called “Tiger grass”, because tigers roll on this grass to heal their wounds after fights.

Madecassic acid in the leaves and stems of Centella Asiatica has excellent healing effects on inflammation and wounds, just think what it can do for acne!

It is used in cosmetics for contact dermatitis, acne, and inflammatory skin problems.

The four essential ingredients - Jojoba Centella Infused Oil (Patent applied), madecassic acid powder, willow extract, & tea tree oil - work in synergy.  They suppress bacteria that causes skin problems, remove unnecessary dead skin cells, and intensively heal the skin.