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Skin Type Test

You can feel dry and oily on different areas of your face at the same time!

If your T-zone and U-zone feel different, separate the steps and apply each where needed.

Take this simple quiz to find out your skin type!

Check & Count

How many did you check off?


Icon - Dry Skin-01-min.png
Lack of both 
moisture and oil

Light sebum

Invisible pores

Visible wrinkles


Uneven texture



Icon - Normal Skin-01-min.png
moisture and oil

Proper sebum

Invisible wrinkles

Invisible pores

Radiant skin

Even texture


Icon - Oily Skin-01-min.png
Oily skin with a lack of moisture

Heavy sebum

Visible pores

Rough texture

Invisible wrinkles

Prone to acne

Is your skin more complex?

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