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The Saem

Discover diverse beauty secrets

The Saem unveils the wisdom, culture, and customs of diverse ethnic groups from all around the world in order to discover diverse beauty secrets.  Saem’s brand is centered on a person who is living the earth.  Natural world ecology inspires Saem SkinCare.  Products are sourced everywhere from the extreme cold arctics in Iceland to the warm South Pacific tropics of Tahiti.


Natural Ingredients

Healthy beauty begins in healthy nature

Healthy beauty begins in healthy nature.  Through various ecological studies, they find the best materials for your skin.

Some highlights from the Saem include Harakeke (New Zealand flax), Waratah (New South Wales state emblem), Black Pearl, Iceland Mineral Water, Olive, Echinacea Purpurea, Aloe, Black Bamboo, and Argan Oil.


No Toxins

Co-existed with humans

The nature Saem has co-existed with humans for thousands of years.  Nature is advantageous to people and people can also be advantageous to nature.  Saem believes that this relationship needs to be maintained and preserved.  To make their clientele beautiful, Saem starts with people and provides no toxin products.


Safely made

Rediscover the gift of nature by the science and research

The gift of nature and the wisdom of humans are rediscovered by the science and research conducted at Saem.  From raw materials to design, they constantly seek to study and search for the absolute best quality natural ingredients for your skin.


Fully tested

Passed many different standards in worldwide

The Saem is loved all over the world far beyond Korea.  It is a global ecosystem that transmits wisdom all over the world.

2011 Japan, Hong Kong
2012 Thailand
2013 Kazakhstan
2014 Russia, Cambodia
2015 Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan
2016 America, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Slobakia, Myanmar
2017 Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia
2018 Uzbekistan, Philippines, Vietnam